Integrated Electronics is a professional electronic security & life safety system solutions provider. With a wide array of premium products and professional design services, there’s no limit to what you can achieve with our team.


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Alarm Co. #7045

We are licensed by the California Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau of Security & Investigative Services.


Cont. Lic. #787769
We are licensed by the State of California to provide turnkey solutions in the following categories:
C-7 Low-Voltage
C-10 Electrical
C-16 Fire Protection


We maintain, warranty, and support every system we install. We'll take care of anyone that reaches out to us for help. If it's not something we do, we'll get you pointed in the right direction.


We specialize in the design and implementation of complex connected systems and ensure that everything works together as it should; just the way you like it.


We commit to develop and nurture a thorough understanding of the products we offer. We do so by investing hundreds of hours annually in continuing education and training.

What Our Customers Are Saying

 Todd Howe 

 Howe Electric 


Besides being a great group of professionals we can always count on them, they always come thru. These guys understand the big picture and are a valuable part of our team.

 Leta Ciavaglia

The Penstar Group


They are quick to handle any service calls and get the job done the first time. If you have any need for a great company, I wouldn’t consider using anyone other than Integrated Electronics.

Ron Platt

All Service Electric


You can always count on Integrated Electronics to do what they say and say what they do. They will never let you down! The Integrated Electronics team top to bottom is outstanding.

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Our Mission

We endeavor to improve everyday life with electronic security and life safety technology. We support our mission by offering a wide range of design-build solutions backed by friendly service, world class quality, and provable value. With every project, service, and transaction we strive to create a customer experience worthy of repeat business.​